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PDF icon अर्जित भूमि के सापेक्ष कृषको को दिये जाने वाले आबादी भूखंड की पात्रता सूची (ग्रामवार)200.49 KB
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Public Notices, Due Dates, Office Orders

Date Title / Description Department
06/01/2022 Office Order regarding Rate of Interest Public Notices, Finance
04/01/2022 Larvicide Spray Schedule for January-2022 Public Notices, Health
03/01/2022 Inviting Applications for the post of Secretary Management Committee And Manager (Sports) of Shaheed Vijay Singh Pathik Sports Complex on Contractual Basis Public Notices, Sports Complex
30/12/2021 Progress Report of Project Department for November 2021 Public Notices, Project
28/12/2021 List of Sweeper Manual Sweeping Work at Road of Adopted Village In GNIDA Area 4 Years Zone-2 Public Notices, Health
23/12/2021 Industries Plot Scheme Draw Public Notices, Industries
22/12/2021 Request for Proposal for Appointment of Event Management Company (EMC) for organization of Winter Carnival in Greater Noida – 2022 Public Notices, Marketing
16/12/2021 List of Applicant - Scheme - BHS18/LOH-01 Public Notices, Residential
15/12/2021 Details of authorised Unipol Advertising Vendor of Greater Noida Authority Public Notices, Urban Services
15/12/2021 Office Order regarding Work Distribution Public Notices, Project
15/12/2021 Corrigendum and Reply to Queries for the NCLT Tender Public Notices, Tenders, Finance
14/12/2021 Centralized Waste Management including Door-to-Door Collection, Transportation and Processing of Waste Public Notices, Health
14/12/2021 Cancellation of Builder Plot Scheme Code: 2021/22 Public Notices, Builder/GHS
14/12/2021 Cancel of Builder Plot Scheme for Builder Plots for Development of PMAY Units (Scheme Code - 2021/22) in Greater Noida Public Notices, Builder/GHS
13/12/2021 Decentralized Waste Management including Door to Door Collection, Transportation and Processing of Waste Cluster - 4 Public Notices, Health
13/12/2021 Letter regarding Payment through Challan Public Notices, Finance
10/12/2021 Date Extended - Swachhta Ranking for Bulk Waste Generators (Residential Category) Public Notices, Health
06/12/2021 Larvicide Spray Schedule - December 2021 Public Notices, Health
06/12/2021 Fogging Schedule - December 2021 Public Notices, Health
04/12/2021 Notice regarding Online Applications of Industries Scheme Public Notices, Industries

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